Medical Classification API
Machine Learning for Healthcare - By Medisense


Take the classifier for a spin!





Our medical classification API is a free resource built on top of the US NLM Medical Subject Headings Library (MeSH). It uses a machine-learning algorithm and knowledge tree to classify text or HTML into broad subjects.

The API is free to use, but please credit in any project you use it for. We'll be adding features and making tweaks continously, so get in touch if you have a request for a feature.



There is a single endpoint for accessing the classification API:


Requests are made in JSON. Both the 'mode' and 'text' parameters are required:

	data: {
		mode: << 'html' or 'text' set dependant on your content type >>,
		text: << the content that you want to classify >>


Responses are also in JSON:

		result: 'success',
		classification: << a list of computed classifiers, ordered by likelihood >>,
		benchmark: << timings of each of the compute fragments in milliseconds >>


If something fails, you'll get an error message in the format below:

		result: 'error',
		code: << a unique code to identify the error in the system >>,
		description: << a cleartext description of the error to help you fix things >>


Get in touch with any queries or suggestions!